I have an exam tomorrow.It's a CHS ( computer hardware servicing ) exam in TESDA which is required for XU-CIT students.

The exam is written, actual and interview, it's a whole day activity and starts 8am in the morning in TESDA - TAGOLOAN. We had our review and somehow it helps me to recover my mind from being frozen for so long now..haha! I no longer remember my first installation of operating system (OS ), the disk partitions, how the bios works and such. I'm busy looking now for videos to help me understand the process more.

Even my networking subjects as well. I can't remember the cross-over and straight thru color coding.Everything flashed to me like a lightning! I'm into the TECHNOLOGY WORLD right now.
And first things first is to pass that exam. Though I'm not  that certain if I could pass it but I still believe that I can do it.. :) < the SECRET > :D

Too bad my exam is tomorrow, I was hoping that I could take the 2nd batch but I'm destined to be at 1st batch of examinees, and I'm not yet ready. < sigh >*** 

Well, I believe everything happens for a reason... Anyways, good-luck to ME..I'll just study well today. < wink >****


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