Breaking Up

Why Is it so hard to break up with someone? or why do we have to break a relationship?

There are always reasons why we have to break up a relationship.These are some common reasons why.

1. Loss of interest - Lots of couples lose interest in their partner. Maybe because the significant other loses also their interest on you. It maybe lose in interest sexually or emotionally, so if that happens or you have the instinct already then it's time to break up.

2. Found someone else - This is common among break ups if I'm not mistaken. We find another person who we are interested in, perhaps it maybe a friend or a colleague. If you have interest in someone else then it means you're not getting what you wanted from the current relationship that you have. 

Or that friend or colleague makes you more delighted than your significant other. It's time to talk it out. If talking it out doesn't help you out then maybe it's time to break up.

3. No trust - Of course, trust is the most important on a relationship. If you cannot trust your partner then there's no reason at all to continue the relationship.

4. An abusive relationship - If you are in a abusive relationship it's time for you to wake up in reality and get out of it. These kind of relationship is not healthy already. Even if you think you still love him/her it will not help you. 

Do not let yourself suffer. Before entering into a relationship, you must learn how to love yourself first before others. So if you love yourself then it's time to let go.

5. You have no future together - If you feel you have no future with your partner then break up already. It will not help you to get along with him/her if that is the problem. You have to be true to yourself. Being realistic is reasonable enough.

There are many reasons why we have to break up with our beloved, but one of these are significant problems, just talk about it if it's not that serious, but if it is, just get out now. 

Many adolescents, and even grown-up, stay in relationships for the unsuitable excuse. Sometimes we have to realize what's best for us. And sometimes being alone is the best answer. I guess there is always good in goodbye.

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