How to Remove the Mighty Bond on your skin

Mighty bond is a bonding agent that substantially improves adhesion.  I used mighty bond while I was fixing something and the acrylic liquid runs through my hands. I have this dilemma removing the freaking mighty bond in my hands and I really hate it much. I Googled for the best way to remove this adhesive stuff on my skin as it really getting on my nerves! 

Materials needed:

Petroleum jelly
Nail File

Okay, first things first, I washed my hands with warm soapy water since the substance has begun to harden on my skin. I applied petroleum jelly to my hands and use the nail file and rubbed it on my skin to get it off quickly.  Do it slowly but surely. No need to rush or else you’ll get hurt. That’s it!! I’m happy my hands are flawless again lol. So if you got into sticky problem, try to follow my simple solution. I assure you, it’s a no brainer.  

 waaaaaa..i'm super relieved.


  1. Nice tip Cha Cha..I will and thank you for sharing.It will be useful to all of us :)

  2. You're very much welcome Sie, thank you so much for the comment :) I hope it'll be that helpful to others too ^^

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  4. So that's how you do it! I once had mighty bond dropped on my eye, I don't know what got to me to use it while lying in bed. stupid of me. :D

  5. yes this helped me. thanks!

  6. hi aisadelacruz! happy to know that :)

  7. How can i removed a drop of mighty bond from my eyes? Please help me.

  8. Oh dear, I have no idea..I believe it needs medical attention.


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