That's What I Am

 I'm a Teacher. I'm a Singer. I'm a Writer.

That's What I Am is a story about a Teacher, a Singer and a writer. Frankly, at first I never thought this movie was great.  I decided to watch this one since it has a 6.9 out of 10 ratings in IMDB. 

The setting was in early 1960's where a young man named Andy still adjusting himself in the phase of puberty and his favorite English  teacher Mr. Simon a dedicated educator who shares valuable lessons to his students in the course of the movie.  On the other hand there’s a boy named Stanley who has a passion for singing; he’s a quiet young boy and one of the smart students in the campus. 

Stanley labeled Big G in the campus which means Ginger since he has an orange hair and his ears are just too big for his head. He’s the target of bully and mockery in the campus. One day in Mr. Simon’s class Andy was paired to Big G for their final project. As much as possible Andy avoids conflict at school but he has no choice but to work with Big G.  Then there was that rumor circling around the class that Mr. Simon was a “homo” which jeopardizes his profession and career.  

I truly don’t understand why there has to be a bully and the target of bullying. But even though Big G was pretty much the center of mockery he didn’t give a damn care. He studies his lessons well and keeps that certain nobility of himself.  The movie is quite cute in a way how Andy manages himself to the difficulties of adolescence.  Andy is an aspiring writer and enjoys writing more than anything. The story is heartwarming and some good lessons that is worth sharing. I commend this family movie and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.I love Big G's song in the last part "Go ahead and dream". 

Some part of the movie which I personally like. The part where Andy asked his Mom about Big G. 


  1. The last part was striking ChaCha.

    "Maybe because God didn't see anything wrong with him in the first place."

    Love this world we are living we often misjudge people on looks.Sometimes we ourselves think and ask why God has created me like this or why does he look like that? many questions..but one truth remains..through our and others imperfections God makes us realize that we have been created unique in His own eyes..

    we just have to open our eyes and believe that whatever race,stature,or position in life we are into all of us have been created with a purpose.

  2. sis kindly go to my site and collect your awards :)

  3. Hi Sie, late na talaga ako nag response. I'm sorry..hehe,

    I couldn't agree with you more about that. People judged us in our looks though they don't know us that personally. As mother Theresa said if you judge people, you have no time to love them. I was once like that lol but then I realized that it's bad to judge people just because of their looks. I became more of a sensitive person now, I always put myself on others shoe.

    Psalm 139:14
    We are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. HIS works are wonderful, we know that full well.

    PS. Thank you sie for the award. this is my very first to received such. awwww.. so sweet I felt like crying. hehe *kiss kiss*

  4. hasus di ka leave comment kala ko di mo pansin mwahhhh..welcome sis :)

  5. hehehe, xenxah talaga sis, supposed to be kagabi pako sana mag reply kaso something came up kaya pinublish ko na muna yung comment mo.hehe.muaah! Thanks sissy :)

  6. I saw this movie a few days ago. It was fine and it reminded me of Flipped

  7. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the visit!

    I haven't got the chance to watch Flipped but I think that's a good movie.

    Appreciate the comment and do visit often. ^______________^


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