Haya Budee To You

Today's the day!! Hehe, It's my birthday!! Feliz cumpleanos feliz cumpleanos and I remember Dora the Explorer singing this song. I wanna say Thank you with all my butt haha cause my butt is bigger than my heart LOL Okay Thank you so much Dear God for all the blessings, you alone are the most holy one Jesus Christ without you I'd be a lost girl now. Thank you so much for guiding me all through the years, you're always there for me, you're my strength. 

Thank you to those people who remembered my birthday! Thank you Sticky Friends for the flowers and greetings.. Thank you,Gamsahabnida,Arigat┼Źgozaimasu,Gracias,Danke,Grazie, Salamat Kaau heheh.. I love you All. I appreciate it so much. I'm speechless. hehe..

Haya Budee cake from Sticky! Thank you so much :) 

Haya Budee to you, Haya Budee, Haya Budee, Haya Budee to you ~ my nephew's version of Happy Birthday.


  1. Chang hapee birthday! hehe atleast your a year older na. hahaha. Thanks for being my friend and thanks for being you. May God bless you always and may He makes all your hearts desire come to life. I love you! mwah!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Cha-Cha at ang ganda ng smile oh..wishing you happiness and always smile ha :)

  3. Hi Shenanii, wow thank you so much ayiii.. Blessed to have a friend like you. As in if I wanna have a sister for real I wanted to be YOU. hehe, you're such a sweet girl. Love yah and I'll always be ME and I'm glad I'm a year older na LOL I love you too :)

    Hello Sie: I really appreciate for taking time commenting here on my blog, this such an honor. Thanks a lot. Haha!! Di nman masyado but definitely I'll smile lagi. muaah!!


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