Live at peace with everyone
As much as possible I want to live at peace with everyone, live at peace with the world, embracing all the goodness the world offers.  I don’t want to look back but my past molded me to become a better person. Nobody can ever tell that I’ve been through rough times when I was still a kid. I think it’s a trauma but that doesn’t give me any reason to be negative about my views in life. 

God opened a new window to me, He knows I’ve been through a lot and He doesn’t want me to suffer. The people in my life are not perfect neither myself. I have relationship war with my siblings when I was still young. But I know how to distance myself from not getting into that kind of situation again. It was hard to be at a constant war with your siblings. It was a blessing for me to find God. He’s a good listener, I cried a lot every time I talked to him all about my worries and sentiments, and I’m not like that with anyone else, not even to my mother.  

My mother taught me to talk to him if I have worries, pray even. I want to thank her for introducing God into my life. I realized that if I haven’t known him, I wouldn’t be like this in the first place. He knows everything and I surrender everything to him.

I’m not a perfect Christian though; I’m human – can easily be tempted and falls into sin. But every-time I asked God for forgiveness even though how many times I humbly asked for his mercy, I can feel in my heart that He forgives me and He knows how sincere I am. 

He is a merciful Father who wants nothing but goodness to us. For me, He’s a friend worth more than gold and money in the world. And His precious gift – the gift of life He has given me was the most magnificent present I have ever received and I am forever be grateful. I want to contribute goodness to the world and to others as much as possible. For me that would be defining success in life. It’s not about how much money I earned through the journey of life but the quantity of goodness that I contribute to the world and to others.


  1. Halu dai're right, it's very good to live at peace with everyone though you can't please of all them. hehe. I super like this line "It’s not about how much money I earned through the journey of life but the quality of goodness that I contribute to the world and to others. "..Definitely true and I must say that it's still the best thing to give than to receive. Mwah ♥

  2. thank you so much dai :) super duper that's why I love the prayer of St. Ignatius Loyola - to give and not to count the cost.

  3. hello Cha..ah haba oh..we have the same sentiments Cha..honestly like you I actually never enjoyed my childhood.I am an only child but my mom treated me otherwise.I was physically abused buti walang bantay bata dati hehehe..literally I was locked with no food,I was bitten with no cause.I became the shock absorber of our financial problems then..I was even molested..I married I thought it will be my home but I kids and I were physically abused..much that I couldn't bear anymore I filed an will be finished this month..may sakit pa ako sa puso hay naku..

    haba din oh hehehe..But I did hold on and still thank God for the life that He has given me..we all have our own walks of life..

    But I believe every experience no matter how painful it always happen for a reason..we have always something to learn from it :)

    God is there..He does fulfill His promises :)

  4. Hi Sie, I was really sad after reading your comment. I didn't imagine you've been through a lot but you know what bilib ako sa iyo, even though you've been through many down moments in your life but you're still strong. I believe it too that God fulfill his promises and I wish you peace in your heart and in your life. Stay strong and sweet. :)


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