Special Day to MOMS

We celebrate Mother's Day every 2nd Sunday of May.

Mothers are special person to us. They are the light in our darkness hour and our best-friend.

On this special day, hug your moms, tell them you love them dearly. Say sorry to them if you've hurt them,as well as thank them for their smile,their care and love. 

We may sometimes forget how much they care for us, but today on their special day,let them feel that we cared and love them more than they cared and love us. They are our special angels from God.

To my MAMA..Happy Mother's Day! I love you MA..

THANK YOU so much for all. Thanks for taking care of me and my siblings, for cooking food for us everyday, for your smiles,laughs,kisses and hugs.Thanks for scolding us and for being so patient.I am so blessed to have a MOM like you. 

We love you so much and no words can ever describe your goodness.You're simply the BEST. My MAMA, My ANGEL.


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