My 20th Birthday!

Yesterday, I celebrated my 20th birthday together with my office-mates at home. It was the happiest birthday ever in my entire life. My special person was there as well as my siblings. We were happy taking photos and watched a Jackie Chan movie ^^  We enjoyed chatting and eating as well.

I'm glad they were there to celebrate with me on my birthday. I thanked God for so much blessings HE has given me. For the past 2 decades, I realized I have grown much (not physically ^^) but grow more as a person. 

I learned a lot of things and be as independent as I am. One thing I am proud of myself is that I started making my own money at the age of 19. I'm so thankful for the person behind it and may the Almighty Father bless them with more! Can't explain how overwhelming it is.

with my office-friends* ^^

we really had fun!

ala band pose* hehe!

Thank  you everyone for being there.


  1. 'twas my honor to be part of ur 20th birthday! and most of all to be your friend! Thanks so much, May God bless you and your Family!

    I am Happy for you! harharmonnn

  2. Thanks Kira! I'm so happy :D


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