Things you don't know about ME...

I was inspired so I wanna write something about MYSELF..haha! Uhmm.I'm not that really good in sharing something but if you're interested then continue reading.  These are things I like,I want to,I used to do,and etc.. This is something that really matters to me.

-->When I was still a kid I always wish that when I grow up I want to be so pretty. The reason why cause all of my classmates are pretty, I'm the only one who's not. haha!

I skipped K1. I was enrolled to K2 and then Grade 1.

When I was 5, I saw the statue of Virgin Mary and made a wish that I hope my crush would like me then ask me to be his girlfriend. I offered 25 cents to her just to make my wish came true.Then after 8 years,it came true! haha! the power of 25 cents. I'm still a kid though. blush*

I enjoy swimming in the sea when I was still a kid. 

I enjoy watching stars and moon.

I love nature! I love watching the sky. I love the sunset and the sunrise.

I want to learn how to play the piano.

I wanna be a Psychologist,Archaeologist,Astronomer! It was just something I made up when I was still looking for a good course..haha!I end up in a Computer course.

Fond on watching forensic and action TV shows like CSI, Criminal Minds, 24 etc..basta TV shows..even Tagalog and Korean dramas.

I love singing!haha! but I'm not a good singer.

I like to write but not a good writer. xD

Love animes!

When I was still in high-school I was an active dancer especially ethnic dance.haha! I was so skinny back then. I can still remember I have 24' waist. But I'm not a good dancer either.

A consistent honor student (elementary-secondary) but high-school years, I just qualified every grading period.

I won 1st place on a Science Quiz Bee when I was 2nd year high-school.

3rd placer on a Mathematical Prayer (4th year) It was tsamba! I can't imagine that I won that..haha!

I spent time in library just to read books when I'm bored especially during Lunch Time. I used to read suspense books. 

I used to play xylophone and a member of drum and bugle corps.

I'm talkative but good conversationalist.

I think I'm good at being

I'm super imaginative. I can't sleep if I don't think something or imagine something.

I like reading romance tagalog pocketbooks!

I want to go to DISNEYLAND LONDON! 

I want to build my own school and thinking to name it after a saint. 

I love Shrek and Disney movies.

I laugh at corny jokes.

I'm temperamental.

I don't know how to cook dishes! haha!

I used to have a diary, but I decided to burned and crushed it.

I love notebooks and pens.

I kept all my stationery and some letters form old friends.

love Nicholas Sparks novels.

When I say I LIKE YOU.. I mean it!

I treasure all my FRIENDS..



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