Something to Say

Harem Scarem

Yesterday I had it all worked out to a "T"
But now something's wrong between you and me
I was wrong, so wrong
To think that I would stay Seasons come and seasons go
And today is another day
I wanna say now's the time
To go our separate ways

I don't know I might be wrong
Could we find the strength to say
That our love, our love's seen some better days
And who's to say if I had the chance That I'd make the choice to say

If you ever had something that you wanted to say
You better start talking before I go away I wish that I could say I've been feeling okay
That I'll be bringing on the better days
But I wouldn't feel right
Knowing I was lying to you

Am I wasting all my time, will we try to make amends
I try to read between the lines
But all I see is the end

One of my fave song. I made a lot of mistakes. I was given a chance to be with the person I love, but we broke up (it's a pretty long story). 

I wish I said those words, but I have no regrets, just wishing though. I love that person but maybe there's a lot of reason why it has to be that way. 

I made a promise to myself and yeah I'm hopeful that I could keep it. But I'm happy to know that we ended up in good terms. 

The most important thing that I realized is that you'll do anything to make that person happy, even if it means letting him/her go. It hurts but that's the way it is. 

One good quote: "Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"




  1. Woooh, very well composed! "Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"

    so deep, i feel the pushh,,

  2. hehe.. Thanks Kira. It is indeed deep. I remember this quote also from Will Smith in the movie Men In Black.

  3. ahahaha... graveh ka love jud ni... para ni kay toot.... ahahaha.. go cha.. share that love to everyone around you... ayaw lang ko apila kai dili sa ko..

  4. hehe..Yeah I am sharing that love rox..Love your Neighbor baya jud..that was the homily last sunday, it's all about the good samaritan..ehe..nag church ka adto na time?hehe..bitaw, it's not for HIM FYI. Uhmm it was another guy whom I fall in love when I was very young. hehe..We all have our first love I guess HE is my first love. But I love my BF ui.. I love him and I don't compare HIM to HIM..hahaha!


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