Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project

Kira influenced me to join this project ^^ . Well why not? It’s kind of interesting. So listed below are blogs I nominate. 

1. SEOTrollverse - Kira is dab hand at blogging. He is one of the skilled writers I have ever known. The blog is innovative and he thinks on his feet especially writing prevalent topics.

2. Recreation and Entertainment – Attention-grabbing topics about entertainment. That’s the reason why I spend time on this blog.

3. Current Events Portal – A portal that keeps my eye especially topics about Current Events. A modernized blog which is certainly you love to visit.

4. Aterox Apartment – You will fall-in-love, broken hear-ted and love to bits on Aterox blog. That makes the blog super up-and-coming. If you have love troubles as well, you can relate to all her topics.

5. Eymardeas – It helps me to know further about blogging information and a lot more stirring topics. 

6.Jay.eLx Movie blog  – I love watching movies and I look forward to latest movies and reviews. Thanks to this movie blog for the heads up!

7. The Music Vlogger - If you love music as much as I do you will definitely adore Visit now and request  for your favorite song.

8. Paolodome Edge - Creative ideas and topics ---- this blog is one of a kind!

9. Creative Dork -
-->I enjoyed reading all his fascinating topics. I notice also the comical side of Robbie :D

10. Foodie Manila - I love food!! I love this blog. Food obsession :p

If you want to join this project here's the link:

I feel wobbly..I should take a rest ^^


  1. Hi,

    I hope you include my music vlog,, in your list. Try to check it might like it :)


  2. Yeah sure, my pleasure..nice blog you have. :D

  3. If you have blogs to recommend I'm glad to add them on my list.. Keep it coming para ma complete ko na ito lahat. Thanks!

  4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for voring for! I will link you back on the said blog. Again, thanks!

  5. no problem rabs... I'll link back to you too ^^

  6. Hi, I noticed that your list is not yet complete so I'll plug my tiny blue blog - - to be on your list. Hope you'll consider it to be on your list. Thank you and Godspeed.

  7. Hi Paolo..yeah sure, why not? :D

  8. Hello! =)
    I hope you can consider including my blog on your list din. It's new lang but I try to write about really creative stuff every now and then, post some tutorials on Photoshop, and make comic strips. :)

  9. Yeah of course Rob, your blog is really amazing.. Uhmm, bisaya ka ba? kase may post ka ang title ay Ang Batang Yagit. Add kita above. .Thanks sa pag visit pala :)

  10. Hi Chacha. Thanks for nominating my blog! =) No I'm not bisaya... alam ko lang siguro ang word na yagit dahil naririnig ko siya dati. Hehehe.

  11. Hi Chacha, thanks for the nomination! :-D

  12. Hi there! You might want to check my entertainment blog ATBP! at Hope you'll like it and include it on your list. Thanks! :)

  13. Hi fjordz,

    Yeah I noticed that also. I just read jannette's comment. Okay sure. I'll look into it. Thank You

  14. Thanks cha!! grabe nmn ung description xa blog ko,., dko ma reach.,. thanks kung gnun pero.,..,. naulaw nsad ko.,.huhuh hats off to you cha.,.

  15. haha! OA kau ka Kira. It's true man. You know na honest jud baya ko :"> bitaw, you deserved it.

  16. Hi Jay-L!
    No problem :)


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