3E - What's your LoveSong?

What a wonderful feeling to fall in-love. Lovesong reflects our feelings and thoughts we experience when we fall-inlove with someone. We know it's our lovesong cause the lyrics strikes us instantly whenever we heard of it.With the help of my 3E Family back in college, I buzzed them about their favorite love song. It may not be their best but it's their best-loved. Thank you guys, Miss you 3E!

Kerian Tejada 
Natalie Grant - When God Made You

Jingky Wee
Azure - Stick Around

Chaty Maali
Moonstar88 - Torete

Erecson Gayuna
Queen - Too Much love will kill you

Irene Bolongaita
Beegees - Run To Me

Christian Sullano
Breathe- How can I fall

Jezreel Estrebor
Rascall Flatts - Bless the Broken Road

Jessel Rosabal
Goo Goo Dolls - IRIS

Lourdes Beatisula
The Corrs - Runaway

Angie Caneos
Lifehouse - Everything

How about you? What's your love-song? Free to comment :) Thanks a lot.


  1. Wow lovesongs... Gonna hear this song... mine is "breakeven"

  2. Wow kira..Kinsa artists ani kira?

  3. ahehehe... akoa kai... mga bisaya version nga kanta, bisrock, pero ang mo tatak jud kai.. crazy for you, you made me stronger, anime.... mwuah3x..

  4. Wow aterox..hehe,nice sab ang local songs. ana jud dapat no?love your own..hehe..anime nsab ha?haha!lingaw sab ta anang anime aterox.

  5. Breakeven is a nice song...by The Script...that's the song I was singing when i'm so down in love life. The script made a very nice song for the broken hearted...That song was so true! "when the heart breaks it won't break even" (Jezreel)

  6. No wonder kabalu ka ani nga song to.hehe..salamat sa pag visit..comment utro ha?hehe..di nata gakita.miss you. miss you all..

    gaka feel ko na mas okay naka karun unlike the other month. Happy to know. Nag request ko ug song sa imuha. I haven't meet you yet, nag comment ko on one of your videos na imu gi tag. Take care lage.


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