Howl's Moving Castle

This past few weeks, I'm busy watching Hayao Miyazaki's films. The first animated movie I ever saw back in college when our neighbor knocks at the door and shared an interesting movie named Spirited Away which is a story about a girl who got lost in the world of Gods and Witches. Now, while I was browsing to Miyazaki's IMDB profile, I am surprised that Howl's Moving Castle was one of his films. I am so overwhelmed! Then I decided to download the movie, though I knew it's not yet my first time to watch it, I actually like the plot of this movie.

Well, actually the title itself is so obvious right? Yes! Howl's castle is moving and looks like a piece of junk outside but magically a normal house on the inside. Howl is a young wizard and he likes beautiful girls.hehe..too bad he's busy looking for his true love and he turns his back on me (hahaha!), but finally he meets Sophie, a plain girl who works as a hatter on her parent's hat shop. 

One day, Sophie meets Howl in an unexpected accident and it started Sophie's tough luck and adventure with Howl. The wicked witch of the waste turns Sophie into an old woman. Then Sophie started to work at Howl's Castle as a cleaner. She befriends Calcifer who's responsible on keeping the castle on shape. As the story goes... Howl and Sophie fall in love and together they search to remove the spell that's holding them back for a happy ending. 

What a lovely couple ♥ ♥ ♥

More Hayao Miyazaki's movie post soon..


  1. waaaaaaaaaah!
    mao ni ako gikabuangan way back college cha...grrrrrr
    i so love this...
    maski una nako kita ke spanish version...ahaha
    i remember..nagbilar jud ko ani ba,
    bahala lang dili ko kasabot sa ila. stupid!pero nindooooooot.
    pagkaugma ke super download daun ko ug English version...hahaha

    waaaaaaah! ayay..nindot na love story..

  2. "El Castillo Ambulante"
    ...waaaaaah! mao di n cha..haha
    naintriga ko sa trailer jud...
    adik man..haha
    i thought lang naa na xa subtitle...toink
    wala lang...hehe
    sa crunchyroll man gud ko adik joke

    basta daghaaaaaan pa keu jud nindot n japanese movies...cartoons japun..
    haaaaay. aw hehe
    download cha :D
    thanks much,

  3. Spirited Away
    waaaaaah! kita npud ko ana..ahaha
    samuka ui..
    naa pjud to cha..waaaaaah
    kalimot lang
    basta..mangukay sako..haha

  4. Hi Flor!!

    Apir! Same au ta..naa nko mga copies sa movie Hayao Miyazaki. Gitagaan ko..e ready lang imu flash if gusto ka ha? Love it!


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