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These are Filipino Movies: Credits to Palabas for the photos. I love Pinoy Love Movies, Comedy and least  the horror ones. I found this while surfing on tumblr posts and I just realized how much I adore these movies,except for Ploning, I haven't seen it, it's an indie film actually. I still remember the scenes and the conversations here that's why I decided to post it.

You Changed My Life
Directed by: Cathy Garcia Molina 
Stars: John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo
 This is the sequel of  A Very Special Love 

The sequel, my gosh!Super kilig ang "baby ko?" haha! Sarah never fails to surprise me on her acting. I'm looking forward for the next movie. I love you JL!haha!

A Very Special Love 
Directed by: Cathy Garcia Molina 
Stars: John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo

Aiii..super dupeer kilig to the bones..haha! Wala lang.. I love Sarah G and Lloydi here. . First movie together but Box-office! It's a two thumbs up love comedy movie for me. I can't help but smile because of the kilig moments.

Got to Believe in Magic
Directed by: Olivia Lamasan
Stars: Rico Yan and Claudine Baretto

It's one of my favorite couple of all time! I'm just sad about what happened to Rico Yan . I know what kilig means because of the two.hayyzz.. I miss them both.

Directed by: Olivia Lamasan
Stars: Piolo Pascual and Claudine Barretto

It's a good movie also, it's full of drama.

Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo
Directed by: Jose Javier Reyes
Stars: Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos

This is a love comedy movie, Ryan and Judy is a perfect match. Super funny, touching and sweet. ♥ 

A Love Story
Directed by: Maryo J. De los Reyes
Stars: Aga Muhlach, Maricel Soriano and Angelica Panganiban

At first, I was really puzzled about this movie, I thought Maricel was the wife of Aga, but to my surprise it was Angelica. Super kissing scenes of Aga and Angie here. I mean I can't believe it! Angie is so talented and well what else can I say --whew! Maricel was the mistress here. It's not about just love, family is also involve in the movie which is pretty good. Nice plot really.

Directed by: Dante Nico Garcia
Stars: Judy Ann Santos
I hope to watch the movie Ploning, 
I like this line "Kasi ang nagmamahal, nagtitiwala"


  1. Like this one.. nyahahaha.... nkabasa na pud ko ani nga mganga.. tsada sya... massking sad nga episode.. ahehehe gogogogo...

  2. ahahaah.. bueng namali pa jud ko og commentan.. nwies... ganahan ko sa part nga ilang sarah G. aheheeh.. joken man jud nga movie.. dili pud kau super drama... lab it... TAMA!!!

  3. waaaaaaaaaa! like it! super duper! ka relate?aws!hahahhah..mkahilak na mkakatawa..hahahah

  4. @aterox: haha!mali kaau ug gi commentan,hehe..ako sab..nahan au ko ani jud..peke!!

    @sis:haha!!labaw sab owhh..hahaha!! watch ug one more chance ba sis again and again..kei murag lang..haha!lahi rajud to xa na movie ai..

  5. c Lj kai dapat dili patan-awon og mga sad movies kai makahilak.. :)

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