Whatta Journey!

I was in 3rd year that time and we went to Cebu for 4 days. It was one educational trip and time to sharpen our minds for the OJT entrance exam.

Only qualified students are allowed to take the exam which means 3rd year students who have no failing marks during the school year, which is luckily I'm one of them. But, we didn't miss to visit the wonders of Cebu. We've been to a lot of places - - which I can't remember? I had fun as far as I could remember. Some shots below.

going to cebu..with electronics and mechanical students.

With pretty ladies (isa nako.hehe)

With my sister Pearly and Jingky 

With our professors (taoist temple)

Electronics and Computer students at taoist!

with jingky,pearly and jessel :)

with jing,jezreel,pearly and mimi (taoist)

(Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise)

Weee happy to know at least we passed one exam which on the other hand they backed-up due to recession. But it's okay maybe it's not really for us. I have no photos na kaya next time nalng ang iba. :) I love my 3E Family. Miss you guys.


  1. now pa lage ko ka.visit sa imong blog cha..hehe..ilove it na daun...ug sa dihang niwang pa jud ta ani na mga picx dah hehe...(pearly)

  2. now lang ko ka.visit sa imo blog cha duh and i love it na daun...mkamiss au ni na moments nuh labi na ato kaslim pa sauna hehe

  3. pearly, im so happy nka visit ka here..hehe muaah!i miss you na pearl..hmmm mao man mga slim pata ani karun naay jd progress atong mga lawas haha!visit more often pearl, feel free to comment anytime *kiss*


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