Blue Days :(

The past few days, a very shocking and terribly news was announced. I'm so worried and super sad. It was something I never expected, I was alarmed. It occurred to me that this is something not to take for granted. Sadly, the company is facing a storm. I know the nature of my work and I know it's not stable. I am now aware of things like lay off and termination. But I'm blessed that I was retained. It was not easy, I was thinking about it the whole time. I have a good feeling though that I will stay for awhile, but it's a not a reason for me to celebrate. 

Some of the people I knew was at the moment of panic and discomfort. If only I have the power to change the situation, I would do it, but sad to say I can't do anything to reverse it. It was meant to happen, it was a call. But It's how you see things in a good and positive way not the dark side of it.

Everything has a purpose. The incident happened is just a way of saying there is still something ahead of us, waiting for us to explore and something worth it.

I believe that when God closes a door, He opens a window. He will never leave you hanging. I can't say the degree of damage that has been done but I'm hopeful that this storm will pass and rainbow will follow.

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