Feliz Cumpleaños

Feliz Cumpleaños - Happy Birthday! This day is so special for the two "boys" who turns into a lovely "man"..haha! Well,this post is for them, cause they are very close to me. Happy Birthday to Jezreel and Grinly. Both of them influenced me in many good ways. 

It's their 21st birthday so it's extra special. I know both of you are grown-up and I witnessed the transformation of your personality. You have now individual priorities in life, you take actions to achieve it , grew more responsible, more mature and willing to embrace challenges to seek development in your life. I'm so happy and bless that God has given me the chance to be part of your universe.  

I'm so lucky to have two exceptional friends, the one who I always look up to as a brother and the one I love most as a partner - dear and sweetheart. I wish you both all the best things in life, I asked God to guide you in your journey, more faith to trust HIM and strength to face the battles in life. I love you both and let's stay good friends longer than forever (OA ba?--haha!).


  1. Happy Birthday to Jezreel and Grinly - you may have many many birth days to come. It's a great feeling to be happy with someone's special day. :)

  2. Hi Vic!
    Thanks for the greeting!nice site :)


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