Looking Back....

So funny, I always thought that how day by day nothing changes, that everything is so repetitive. haha! But I was completely wrong.

Uhmm yeah..I had a very wonderful week-end. I hate surprises but it's inevitable. I was surprised and I felt so blessed. I never expected it nor think about it. I'm speechless. I think hard-works are paid off. Last Saturday, the 3rd quarter General Meeting of Sticky Media with the theme " It doesn't matter if you're black or white", I received an amazing, unexpected recognition. This recognition is the "Employee of the Month" for the month of August and received a cash of PhP 2,000 (it's a big cash for me -- haha!). 

Well if pwede palang ma collapse, na collapse nako sa stage, and I can't remember my message, lol moment. 

I'm so happy the following day we had an advance celebration of my mother's 50th birthday!! I'm ecstatic, we're all present in the celebration, super complete family lists. My cousins were there, my mama's friends and neighbors in Jasaan -my hometown- and of course my mine. ehemm.. I thanked God for so so much blessings.  

I look back from where I started it was so DIFFERENT now. Everything has changed, and that what makes it constant.


  1. wow.. congrats... i know you deserved that award... :D clap clap :D

  2. wow chang.. ahehehehe.. congrat kau sa imu.. libre baya hap..

  3. Warmest congratulations to you dearest friend chariss! heh3

    Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together. Looking back...

    Happy Birthday to your mother!

    To anyone who bares, The sweetest name who shares joy
    and cheers when sad
    the greatest friend you've ever had...Long life to her
    for theres no other
    can take the place of any dear 'MOTHER'...

    Wow Jampack! Double celebration!

    The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

    Take care coz I care,

  4. You deserve only the best! :D
    Congratz Cha ,^^
    (super wafa keu ui)

  5. @ Axl: Thanks po ^^

    @missbroken: libre ko next time :) salamat rox

    @kira: naks naman! super duper thanks a lot kira..take care too :D

    @flor: hehe.liwat raku nimu flor. Thank you so much

    CONGRATS also to Kira and Flor!! Keep up the good work. loves u


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