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SEOQUAKE is a Mozilla Firefox add-on which is essential tool for SEO related work. For me, this tool is very important on my work. I have to work with the parameters in order to evaluate some sites. 

Sometimes this tool is really disturbing, for some reasons, the Team Quake is keep on updating latest versions and it must be as well compatible on your Firefox version. This time my Firefox is version 3.6.8 and I don't want to update latest version, I prefer this version - since it's compatible to all my important add-ons - now my quake is version 2.6.6, and so far this is the latest version. They have the new SeoQuake for Google Chrome browsers - good news for chrome browser users. 

Now sometimes when I load  a certain site to the browser, loading the site is taking too much time because of some parameters. Now what I do is, I choose well the parameters I used most, like the PR,Index,Links to Domain, Age, Semrush Rank, etc. 

So what I do, at the right bottom where SEOquake icon is located - right click  and choose preferences, under preferences you can see Parameters, Plugins and Advance. In Parameters, check boxes are available to choose which parameter you  actually needed. You can check and uncheck those parameters as easy as that. Now when I load a certain site I don't have to worry about the lagging.

List of my favorite Mozilla Add-ons:
CopyAllUrls - It can open multiple URLS in different tabs at a time. Just hold Ctrl+Alt+V -keyboard combination- and the urls will be opened at the same time. 

ShowIP - It shows the current IP address of a site in status bar.

Tab Kit -  I love this tool much. It makes tabs more efficient for users, allowing a wide variety of tweaks. 

Nodofollow - It's a simple add-on use to identify if inbound links are rel=nofollow. It will highlight  links according to the  nofollow and dofollow status.


  1. seoquake is definitely the most reliable seotool I've ever used in my life. I'm sure you too.

    No other tools can defeat its professional look.

  2. Yes I totally agree with you. It is indeed a reliable tool.


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