My Christmas Wish

Yay! It's Christmas time! It's my most awaited time of the year. Personally, I'm so happy and bless this year. God has given me countless blessings and I on the other hand thankful to HIM. Speaking of Christmas, everybody wants something – a sort of wish. It's traditional that during this season we wanted to have something.

It might be something that we are looking forward to have. Yesterday, we just had our Christmas Party at Balan Beach Resort, Opol. I received a gift from my office-mate Janice. I’m gratified that she gives me something that I can use in the office – actually, I put it on my wish list so she has an idea what to give me. I was thinking of my wish list this year aside from the tumbler – Janice gift. I was thinking of this song. I could never ask more from God but to protect and guide all my loved ones and family. Those people who are sick, I wish them healing. Well this song says it all. This is My Christmas Wish List. 

 Heartfelt best wishes this Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

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