Officially Missing You

I super miss someone right now. All I do is lay around and think of him. How I wish he's here right now.I want to be with you, today, tomorrow, everyday. But I know not now. I'm counting the days and I hope you're doing fine.

"The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected."  ~ Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook
I so love this. Our souls are connected T_T - I'm not sad. Just missing him. :(


  1. oooh,,,, oki lang yan,, kablog... halika ka... hug kita :D

  2. T_T Thanks Axl..bait mu naman ka blog..huhu

    Dapat happy but I can't get this off saking system.. sigh

  3. waaaa.. sis, ok pa ka? hehheh.. ok ra na sis mgkita ra lgi mo ky connected bya inyong souls hehehe

  4. ---

    haha! ikaw jud sis, kantyaw mana :(

    Yups,I'm still okay.maka lol pa japun


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