127 Hours

I'm making a brief review of the movie 127 hours - I know, I know it's a movie again . 127 hours is directed by Danny Boyle, the director of Slumdog Millionaire! - yes he is, and guessing or I dunno if this movie will be out in the cinemas soon here in Philippines, but you can have a copy of the movie if you have time to download it.  

This is one of the amazing, terrifying, horrible, awful? - overstatement lang - hehe. I dunno actually I wasn't expecting that this movie is great. So funny I was moved to tears, I mean sobbing. I'm so emotional lang - haha!

This movie will move you as in literally move you at your seat or worse got fainted whatsoever.  What else? hmmmm..I got easily affected to being "left alone" scenes, then something worst happened and it's a matter of life and death situations - I hate it, honestly. 

This is just like the Cast Away movie, but terms of survival factor, the Cast Away is way more better than this one. I was blown away the moment he amputates his forearm to withdraw himself on that big rock - ouch and crying- that hurts!

What a flawless act from James Franco - super hundreds of claps for him - I felt the pain, the fear and emotions while watching. This movie stands out, no wonder it was nominated in Oscars. I commend this film to all but if you're pretty sensitive type hmmm, well, you can manage, I'm happy - I survived! hehe. .Just enjoy. 

  enjoy the movie!


  1. wow nice one cha! you made a review on this one, kapuyan ka mg story tell nku ba kya here nlng u g post,. ,

    mao d i estorya ani,. hehe

    True story dba?

  2. ----

    basin mag hilak ko kung mag chika ko nimu - haha!
    nice baya siya, wala kaau nako kaya uban scenes, kahilak jud ko labi na sa ouch part. huhu

    yups, true story siya, mao na lagi nang mag laag2 dili mananghid,mananghid najud ko next time :D

  3. wew murag ewness jud keu na emong pagka describe chang!Im glad nakasurvive ka. ehehe ambot lang f makasurvive ba kaha q ana nga movie...

  4. wla pa ko kita ani.. xada di? its good that you posted it sis.. nagka interest ko..heheheh

  5. ---------

    @sheena: yes sheen, ewness..but you have to watch it jud with eyes wide open.haha!

    @lj: yes sis, tagaan tika copy pag okay na imu lappy :D nice au


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