The first: Paper Day

It's a special day tomorrow but I dunno how to celebrate it. I never would have thought that the day would come. I would like to call it Paper Day since it's the first - hehe.

Hmm.. 1st anniversary without HIM. I guess I have to get used to it. But I appreciate that he's making effort, making sure he never forgets. Isn't it sweet? hmm.. I missed him.  I don't want to be sad thinking that it's our paper day and we're not able to celebrate the special day. I keep on thinking, what if he's here - what would be his gift or what would be my gift to him? How do we celebrate our Paper Day together? Is it a dinner? or just ordinary day talking and laughing?  Well, I should stop thinking about it.. Off to bed now. 

Oops, wait, Thank You dear God for everything today. Your Grace is Enough! Happy Fiesta to Senior Sto NiƱo - pit Senyor!

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