Release Date: December 25 2008

Aamir Khan as Sanjay Singhania
Asin Thottumkal as Kalpana
Jiah Khan as Sunita
Pradeep Rawat as Ghajini Dharmatma
Riyaz Khan as Inspector Arjun

Running time: 183 minutes
Genre: Action, Drama

Okay, I would like to share this Hindi film GHAJINI. Ghajini is an action-thriller movie with a sweet but tragic romantic feature. Inspired by Christopher’s Nolan film Memento – I was so right, I knew it from the start it was just like the movie Memento, but I didn’t have the chance to watch Nolan’s Memento – I was just curious about Nolan that time and browsing to his IMDB profile when I saw the movie and I just read the plot.  The plot is just amazing! Though, I planned to download the movie but then Ghajini came earlier on my list – that was out of the blue. 

Back to the story – Aamir as Sanjay is a very wealthy man; he is the chairman of a mobile phone company – Air voice. He suffers amnesia – short term memory loss to be exact and forgets every detail of event that had happened to him 15 minutes ago. His love interest was tragic but it has a sweet funniness. It was love at first sight. Sanjay fell inlove to Kalpana (Asin) the first time she saw her. 

Kalpana on the other hand is a commercial model who became popular by proclaiming herself to be the girlfriend of Sanjay. Well, I will not go into details about their tragic love story. 

It was just that, Sanjay’s looking for the name Ghajini, and he will take his revenge, without knowing why. He feels the urge to search for him and even murder some of his men.   

This movie is full of emotions – fueled by:  





              Revenge and


      hurt experienced in recalling the past.
But it has plenty of comedy-romance moments, which is good for a date movie – I think.  

Other technical aspect of the movie which is commendable is the music – not all the built-in song and dance though – some of it are good, because I like it lively!

I vote this movie 9/10. It was just sad, I love their love story – so sad it has to end that way. This is one of my recommended movie – I’ll make my list soon ^^. It was entertaining and I love the funny charming part of Aamir and Asin.

Thumbs up for Ghajini.


  1. ahahah cute keu imo mga emoticons chang! Manan-aw rako ani...

  2. Thanks sheen. .hehe, watch it jud :D


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