30 Days with Charice

Charice Pempengco photo from Teen.com
I was watching 30 Days with Charice on Teen.com and I was wooh amazed. She's totally exceptional. She blew me away entirely. We have the same name though she sings better than me oh I mean she sings very very well than me, of course - haha! Anyway, I like it that they made a video for Charice which entails all her lakads as well as her performance and that includes different places in US, Japan and of course in my beloved country Philippines! Charice is really at the top of her pyramid and so happy for her. wow! She's sensational and not to mention left and right projects, beautiful and awe-inspiring songs as well as outstanding recognition. 

Congratulations to the cute diva Charice, I'm so proud to be a Filipino because of you. I love all your songs and I can't help myself,  I felt like crying everytime I heard In this Song - song  hehe, yeah you're one amazing rising star and I wish nothing but the best for you. I know that singing is your passion and you excel in many aspects., I wish I could find my hidden passion too.hehe :D If you want to watch 30 days with Charice, click here.

 You're the best Charice!


  1. wow chang! ehehe nahuman ni nimo tan-aw tanan episodes? ehehe dadto pa q sa ng-adto cla ni iyaz sa st.basil ba to? eheheh tsada ba? oieee hehehe chasters na ka chang ahaha

  2. hehe..buh?chaster najud..yes,nahuman najud nako ni shenani..super duper nice. dghan2 man sila gi adtoan shenani i'm not sure kung asa to na mga places..staple center ra ako na remember.lol


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