The Lucky One

Yes! Done reading this one. Oh Mr. Sparks, you have no idea how much I worship all your books. 

The Lucky One is a story about true love, destiny and forgiveness. Logan Thibault a US Marine finds a photograph of a smiling girl half buried in the dirt while he was in Iraq, he saw the message at the back of the photo saying "Keep Safe" E!.

He tried to find the owner of the photo but nobody claimed it. He finds himself keeping the photo in his pocket. The Lucky lady in the photo suddenly brings luck to Logan - winning poker games and even surviving some deadly battles, where his two closest friend died.

His friend Victor told him that the lady in the photo is the one responsible bringing him sudden change of fate, that the photo is his Lucky charm. He doesn't believe at first, he thought it was ridiculous to look for a woman in the photo. He doesn't even know where to start. But when Victor died in an accident, Logan started seeing his ghost. 

So he started his journey to find the woman and just looking at the picture he founds some clues, it was something to start.

From Colorado he sets out his journey across the country and finally his feet brought him in Hampton, North Carolina. He finally meets Elizabeth - the girl in the picture. Of course, he finds Beth very attractive. Elizabeth is a divorced mother with a young son - Ben. Beth ex husband Keith Clayton won't allow Beth to be happy with other man. 

Just to make the story short, Logan and Beth started going steady on their relationship. Logan on the other hand keeps the picture and the story a secret to Beth. Until one day, Beth discovers the truth.

Keeping secrets this thing will ruin such relationship. It's important to be honest with your partner. Practice the art of listening and let bygones be bygones. This is what I learned from this book.

Trust me, the ending is just right.It was a happy ending :)


  1. yehey! 1 man down! congrats! ehehe. im almost done with mine pd. ehehe slowly but surely.

  2. hehe, yes shenani.,slowly but surely :)


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