Macahambus Adventure Park

I was busy browsing the net to look for interesting weekend getaway! It was sad that the mangrove planting was postponed because of the weather. It has been raining cats and dogs since Monday :( 

Still I'm hoping that the weather will be okay tomorrow. The sun is up when I look out at the window,so happy, please sun stop hiding and shower your rays to us now. 

Back to browsing the net - I was looking for a weekend getaway ayt? I'm deeply interested to go to Macahambus Adventure Park! Macahambus is located at Baranggay Lumbia just minutes away from the city.  I told sis LJ about it and yeah we're talking like, yeah we have to go there and the chika travel went to Sugbongcogon and the like - haha! I love sis elj around, super supportive to my plans, appreciate it so much.  You have no idea, I wanted to visit the cave, try the canopy walking and take some photos. I wanted to have fun. See photos below: (photos are not mine)

Macahambus Park

120 meter Sky Bridge
I love to try this one

Macahambus cave

Actually, this is one good idea for a valentine date, diba? hmmm kaso I have no ka date, pwede man group date, love the idea.hehe, since no one is asking me on a date ako na mag ask, would you like to have a group date with me? open to all ages, mabata o matigulang.hehe.. bitaw, gusto ko group date para mas bibo and just fair for the single people also to others na wala ang bf/gf - haha, ehemm, same skoa. Well, I hope also that you're interested and praying that the weather is more friendly. Just approach me if you want to hit the road with me or leave some comment. 

let's go!
P.S I have a new follower named "stephanie sim", wow thank you  for following my blog. Although I have no idea who you are still I'm grateful. 


  1. Valentine's Date? I need to whine....

  2. No probs sis, i know we're on the same track man pud hehehhe..Cge bah gsto ko ani.. set lng shed when ma push through sis pra mka invite ta with complete details..

    Super GO GO ko ana...count me in^__^

    KINSAY MOUBAN??? hehhehe

  3. -----
    @flor: really? as in really really??? Wow...that's so great!! yeheyyyy, I'm so happy..much much..spread the word!! hehe

  4. ------

    @kira: what you mean?

    @sis: lagi sis, hehe. let's go, excited nako..

  5. wow why not!! valentines date diha whine up!!!!!!!!!!!


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