A Royal Love Story

William and Kate were meant to be one of the most awaited unions of the 21st century. Prince William who would someday be crowned king of England and the stunning Kate who won the prince heart. What a royal love story indeed. 

I thought that this kind of love story would happen only on films, but you know it can happen to real life and Kate is really blessed. The ordinary girl and the soon to be king defied all the odds despite of all the controversies and struggles. 

Their royal relationship remained notably in silence; the bestselling author Christopher Andersen reveals all the intimate details of their courtship which involves all the scandals, tragedies happened throughout their decade romance. The book takes account of the Queens plans for Prince William and Kate which will transform the face of the monarchy. 

The storybook romance of Prince William and Kate, released in time for their wedding. I bet everybody is looking forward to the incredible romance that has mesmerized the world. A fairytale came true – so nice. 

Christopher Andersen is a journalist and the author of 28 books, including the #1 New York Times bestsellers, The Day Diana Died. Andersen resides in Connecticut with his wife and two daughters.

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