T-shirt is my default garment at home or when I attend casual events. I appreciate shirts with some cutie designs – oh I’m in-love! It’s a medium to express oneself. While browsing though I come across Art T-Shirts - Thanks to my friend Shenani for sharing the link and oh they have a contest. I love it 8GB IPod Touch + Tilteed T-Shirts! I hope I’ll win this; it’ll be hitting two birds in one stone! Yehay! While browsing through their catalog I was surprise, I love all the shirt designs, you have no idea I have hard time choosing a shirt, they’re all awe-inspiring. Kudos to the designers, I wish I can design one shirt too ^^. 

Well after much deliberation I chose the THE VERY GREEDY CATERPILLAR - designed by Craig Watkins –two thumbs up!  There is something on this one; I love the illustration, the character of the caterpillar as a whole with different expressions on its anatomy.

I so love the color!

the caterpillar anatomy ^^

Oh! I want one. I hope I could buy one. Weee... I hope I win the contest ^^

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