Gardens of Malasag

Sunday, we went to Gardens of Malasag in Cugman CDOC with sis elj and diday. I was delighted I went there; actually it was my first time in Malasag so I’m extremely animated. The Gardens of Malasag is a good place to unwind your exhausted spirit. 

It’s a good time to let my hair down, to relax and enjoy the heavenly scene. We really had a great time touring the place, took some lovely photos and laugh to the max. For 30php entrance fee you have all the time of your life and you’ll love to spend it with your loved ones,family and friends. 

The place is really overwhelming and it’s a biggie that your body is all set to walk around the place because you’ll probably get exhausted just like what happened to me, nonetheless I got pleasure from walking and sightseeing. I loved to call the place little Baguio although the state of weather is not that chilly. I can’t hide the smile on my face and I thank God for giving us a very welcoming weather to enjoy our trip. 


  1. Wew beautiful place! A lot of changes already. How was the road going up there chang? Dli na keu dlikado?

  2. The road is smooth, no need to worry much but just pray for protection :D

    yeah, it's a very lovely place shenani. I love to go back there but we planned to go to Mapawa,i hope you could come with us :)


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