Mangrove Planting

I had a very great weekend. It’s so nice to be around nature. Hearing the birds chirping is like a melody to my spirit, fresh breeze and the greenery scene, I felt like I was born again and all the toxins in my body are washing out.

First off, Saturday is a biggie day, yes it is. The company organized a Mangrove Planting Activity in El Salvador. I’m indeed thankful for this wonderful opportunity to contribute something for the environment. I can’t hide my enthusiasm since I’ll be planting a mangrove for the very first time ever in my 20yrs of existence. I was a bit worried when it started to rain, but God is so good to us he gives us a very good weather after the rain poured. I think that was a blessing from God and that he was happy to see his people doing something meaningful for the future. Mangroves are marine plant and it grows evenly in a damp area. 

It was my first time to walk in a muddy earth, so it was fun! I have 10 mangrove seedlings as well as my partner grace, so we started to plant them happily. Oh my so lovin’ it, planting mangroves are undemanding. 

After planting, we had the chance to tour the place. The sea is too far from the place so we decided to went closer. The sea breeze is welcoming us so much that it makes me wanna jump into the sea. 

-i mean it..hehe

Oh! this is the most wonderful place I’ve been.

I can’t forget the feeling of contentment watching the sea waves again. I felt like I was home yet again to my old place. I believe that nature is the art of God; in a quiet moment you can feel his presence, his invitation to feel the inner happiness and enjoying every minute of it. Thank you so much dearest Father for that awesome day!

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