What's your Passion?

"Great passions are for the great of soul, and great events can be seen only by those who are on level with them."  Oscar Wilde

Being passionate is something that fired-up all your senses and you can’t wait to do it when you wake up in the morning, you think of it all the time, you feel so good and happy doing it, you’re excited doing it everyday. Waaa! One of my passion is reading books, as of now I love reading Nicholas Sparks novels.  I like how passionate he is, his ideas and stories inspires me so much.

I always look forward reading even collecting his books. Because of him I have this goal - vision even that someday I’m gonna be a good writer, touching plenty of hearts through my works, be the reason of their tears,smiles,fell inlove and happiness! That’s what I’m feeling right now every-time I read his books. Although I’m learning to be a good writer and I know someday I could change someone’s point of view in life (possible ayt?), this is what I want to do with the time I've been given on earth, how nice it is to be able to share your ideas with others and they feel glad and inspire because of it. 

I also want to meet plenty of passionate people, listening and reading to their powerful ideas and doing something worthwhile,  meeting people like that makes me blissful and somehow transform me into a different person. One thing for sure I wanna inspire others and that’s one ultimate goal and I can say that I was born with a great purpose.


  1. Thanks for sharing your passion and for joining the contest. I don't know why the links are not working with blogger blogs. I do hope you can edit the links and remove the www.blogger.com , so they will work. Thanks again.

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    hello mela!

    Yeah sure, I will edit the links. Thanks too for this wonderful opportunity. Bless you more :D


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