Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day, I just found out from Ms. Annaposa’s blog. I’m really impressed on how she conveys her message on her blog, the way she puts her thoughts into words. Anyway, this is not my entry to Nuffnang contest but this is my thoughts which I’m trying to put into words. 

Who loves Earth?! Well, of course I do love Earth; it’s a wonderful place to live.  But the question is why are we destroying it? Now the Earth is like changing rapidly, the weather, the environment, almost everything! Global Warming took its toll because of what we did in our planet. I can feel it, you can feel it, everybody does, but why are we so uncaring?
I would like to share this video from Ehdubya titled Pale Blue Dot, the video's message is  that we should wake up and act now! You'll love this one and well I hope it will change somehow your view in life.

We should act now; we all know that there are 9 Planets in our Solar System but the fact is that there is only one Earth, let’s save it, this planet is really beautiful and marvelous. As they say, give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.

We should take proper actions and better choices. I hope you take Anna’s information on how to make this possible, please read her article about A Day In A Life of an Environmentalist. Finally, I got this video from her and just want to repost it here. This video is magical - wonderful!

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