Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday! It's a moveable feast for Christian worshiper which is held before the Easter Sunday.  I went to church today and it was most likely the second time I went to church alone.

Outside the cathedral, busy children are making different designs of palm branches and they would usually sell it cheap. I bought one from a little girl, the design was a cross with a rose behind it, she even praised my outfit, she said, "nice keu imung gisuot te"(your outfit looks good on you). I was shocked she told me that but I just told her "nah! dili man"(i don't think so) hehe. I remembered back then when I used to make different designs of palm branches with my cousin, it was a mess and my cousin used to correct all my works haha! We have to make our own since it was better and more personalized ika nga. But I didn't get the picture why we celebrate Palm Sunday. I mean, what's the significance of this day?

According to the story, Jesus returned to Jerusalem riding a donkey and people waved their palm branches and laid down some on the road as a welcome to the King. It's a reminder of triumphal entry of Jesus in Jerusalem [Matthew 21:1–11] exactly one week before His death and resurrection.

Plenty of people attended church today with their own palm branches. Before the official mass, the priest would bless and offer a prayer. He would shower some holy water to the branches. As a tradition we have to display the blessed palm branches at our door's home which I believed a protection against negative entities outside.

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