To dream the impossible dream

The impossible dream - I don't know why impossible when the truth it is really possible. When I saw for the first time the volkswagen beetle car, I fell in-love! It was like seeing it for the first time you know you're meant to be - hehe' joke lang.

But honestly everytime I see that car I can't just take my eyes off. I have this dream that someday I'm gonna buy one, am I that too materialistic? But anyway I know for a fact that I'm not that kinda person, I know that if I can buy one I will have no problem commuting every single day, I can even fetch my brother in school. I can go to places with no hassle, right? I know that you wanted to have one too ayt? ya! 

I told my mom that  I will not get married if I can't buy my dream car, that my boypran will buy one for me if he's in a hurry marrying me - lol - but of course I really want to buy my own car and this one comes first on my list. 

There's something about that car and I don't know why I'm so delighted to have one as soon as possible.


  1. Sabi nila, 'yung kulay daw ng pang-60 na Volkswagen na makikita mo, yung unang lalaki na makikita mong ganun ang kulay ng damit, yun ang mpapangasawa mo. haha

  2. -----
    @charles: haha! ganun ba yun?

  3. eeeeeeet! ♥
    me to..ahsupahLub volks..
    in fact i cried when it was sold.. :(

  4. ---
    haha!wafa padungog rman akoa para naa nai idea ba nga dili pajud pede :P

    really? cry kaw?same au tah,no wonder same soul jud ta hehe


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