Learning to let go of what I can’t control.

As much as possible I really want to control my life, my destiny, like be the captain of my own ship.But there are certain things that I can’t control and sadly I can’t do anything, it’s frustrating, but that’s life. One thing that I have to learn is to let go of those things that I cannot control.  After the incident, I start to worry about my future. As for now I am lost but suddenly it occurred to me that I’m just scared, because the truth bites me in the ass that I am not doing any good for myself or I don’t know, maybe it’s the reason why I’m kinda lost.  

Those things that had happened are suppose to happen in the first place. Those are things that I can’t control and practically the reason why I’m in the edge of uncertainties and anxiety. I started to think about negative things that could happen, scary even. Then I realized I am so selfish. I was only thinking about myself.  

Is the situation I can’t change or I won’t change?  Well honestly it’s a situation that I can’t change. I just hope for the best that one day everything’s going to be alright.  It is much better to let go and just move forward. I don’t want to consume my thoughts about those things that don’t deserve my time and energy. It’s my choice. We do have a choice, everyone does. 

Despite all those things, I stay positive about it, I even told myself if God closes a door He will surely open a window. I learn to stay focus and not letting the situation consume my thoughts so I can be able to have peace of mind. 

I have to be mindful too, it helps me to simplify the situation and much easier to deal with.  I take time to do things that would make me happy, smile and visualize that each day is a new day as well as a new chance to start all over again. I want to thank God for always being there for me and to my family who loves me dearly and ready to catch me every time I fall. I am still blessed. Have a beautiful day to all! Everything will be fine and dandy soon. I know that. *wink* 


  1. And there are certain things that should not be asked 'coz answering them will never make sense. Some things are purposely meant to happen but we "used" to ask the reason why they "should" happen.
    Too many questions makes one's life less enjoyable. Too little surprises (be it good or bad) makes life dull.
    Just be grateful and see the beauty behind each chapter of your life..and you'll find true happiness blooming within you.

    *just found your blog, nice post

  2. sis lika hug ka na muna ni ate *hhhhuuuuugggsssss*..sis there are certain situations in our lives where we have been struggling to get things right but it seems it is not working and we only end up frustrated..certain things that I have been through and all that I had to do was to learn to wait..

    things that you want it now but the Lord is saying wait because it is not yet the right time..and I am earnestly waiting for it until now..it is on my annulment sis..

    I can't explain why but somethings have been happening beyond my control..soon it will be finish I know..God is only increasing my faith and I am willing to wait till His perfect time..

    what God closes can't be reopened sis..God knows what is best for us..we just have to believe sis :)

  3. @beanizer_05
    Hello :D I really appreciate your comment and for stopping by here. I know for sure that everything has a purpose and I always make my best to stay positive in every way. Maybe my being immature cguro that's why I questioned a lot of things hehe but I'm learning now to be more mindful and not to think seriously and just enjoy life every day. There's a lot of reason to smile. Thanks a lot! :D

    @Sie: sissy, thank you so much for comforting me. I don't know but you know I believe that God has plans for me, I shouldn't be so hasty ba? I don't have to worry so much but I just really can't pretend to be okay when I know I am not.But everything is clearer to me now. God is already providing me all my needs not maybe all I want but everything that I needed. weeeee.. Thanks a lot sis. *kiss and hugs*


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