Top 10 love songs of Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers is an American singer and song writer. For me, he’s one of the timeless artists I have ever known and admire. Actually he was my favorite singer and I love dearly some of his love songs. I wanted to share the top 10 love songs that I personally love.  Enjoy listening!

1. You Decorated My Life

2. Crazy

3. Through the years

4. She believes in me

5. Lady

6. I'll always love you

7. We’ve got tonight

8.  Island in the stream

9. The only way I know

10. When I fall In-love 

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  1. Thanks for sharing, but which one is your favorite? Because I can't listen to them all...

  2. Hello Sissy..I love young song I will always love you..but I what I like best is to eat at Kenny Rogers restaurant hahaha..

    a nice way to start my morning..ako naman I am into Jim Brickman songs..passing by sissy mwahhhhhh :)

  3. i like those timeless songs..
    i like to pick song numer 1,3, 7 and 6..i dedicate them to my special someone who plays an important part of my every day..
    the number 6 is the very song that tells everything ;)

  4. Hello Bilal,

    Thanks for dropping by weeeeeeeee.. my most favorite is #1 and the special song for me was #2 and #3.

  5. Halu ate sie.

    weeee.. I'd never tried kenny rogers haha! ayiii love neya si Jim Brickman. muaah! Thanks for passing by ate ganda :)

  6. Hello Beanizer,

    weee..pretty nice choice :) I hope that special someone of yours is super duper happy.

  7. hehehe..*giggles* yeah yeah..hihihi :)

  8. weeeee.. ate sie, kinilig ka? *wink* hehe, ankyut mu ate :)


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