30-day Studio Ghibli Challenge

Yay! It's October already! I'm so excited for December actually, hehe, for the reason that a special person will be home this Christmas! yey! I'm wiggling my tail. hoho. Anyway, this is my first post for October. I actually love this challenge, just found this out on tumblr, so why not give it a try. I like/adore/love Japanese animated films especially from Studio Ghibli. I've posted this challenge on my tumblr blog, but I decided to post it here since I want to read this over and over again. 

1. First Studio Ghibli movie? My first studio Ghibli film movie was Spirited Away. Our neighbor told us to watch it, so we did. What I like about the movie was it has a unique plot. The characters are so cute. The scene and soundtrack complement the whole story. It was a fulfilling fantasy movie. I love watching animated films and that’s the first time I fell in love with Studio Ghibli films.

2. Favorite Studio Ghibli movie and why? Howl’s Moving Castle would be my favorite. There’s something about magic fantasy and I just love Howl so much. haha! The story was entertaining and really cute. Howl has a moving castle, it looks like a monster outside and operates by a fire demon named Calcifer. It has a switching door which takes you to different places. The cute love story of Howl and Sophie. I just love them both. The story was based on a fantasy novel by the British author Diana Wynne Jones. 

3. Least favorite Studio Ghibli movie and why? My least favorite studio Ghibli movie was Ocean Waves. I just don’t like the girl. She’s so mean but I know she was doing that on purpose. I don't like that she's pretending to be a bad person, though she's not. Actually the guy slapped her on the movie for being so mean. haha! Whatta guy! The story was neat but kinda not into it.

4. Favorite female main character and why?  That would be Princess Nausicaa. She’s strong and kind-hearted girl. She’s willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good.

5. Favorite male main character and why? Howl. He’s a hottie wizard, pretty good with magic, attractive and a gentleman.  He loves Sophie :)

6. Least favorite character and why? Hmm that would be Witch of the Waste. She’s heartless and very mean. She turned Sophie into a 90-year old woman so that Howl won't like her. Not to mention she's huge.

7. Studio Ghibli movie(s) you haven’t seen? Tales from Earthsea - haven’t done watching this ;) Pom Poko and My Neighbors the Yamadas.

8. Favorite Director? Of course the one and only Hayao Miyazaki weeeeeeee..

9. Favorite ‘bad guy’ and why? Well, technically, this is not a human guy. He’s the Cat King on the movie The Cat Returns. This fat cat is a king and has a funny side. Definitely one of the craziest character I've seen.

10. Favorite secondary character and why? Shirou Nishi in Whisper of the Heart. He was Seiji’s grandpa. He was a good and a deep person.

11. Favorite animal? The red elk called Yakul. Ashitaka’s noble steed. This animal is really faithful.

12. Favorite spirit creature? The Tree spirits in Princess Mononoke called Kodama. They're kinda cute.


13. Favorite pairing? Howl and Sophie.

14. Favorite song? One Summers Day - Spirited Away.

15. Favorite moment? Howl and Sophie kissed each other at the end of the movie. *kilig to the bones*

16. Favorite piece of fan art?

17. Favorite quote? The grandfather of Seiji said this to Shizuku: "You and Seiji are like the Emerald stone — rough,unpolished, still natural. The rough stone is inside you, you have to find it and then polish it, it takes time and effort. You see that ore that makes up most of that stone? You could polish that, but what you’d get would be worthless. The smaller part inside is purer. There might be a better stone deep inside where we can’t see."

18. Which world(movie) would you like to live in? I would like to live in the world of Ponyo. The little island is beautiful and peaceful. 

19. Last Studio Ghibli movie you saw? The last movie I saw was, Nausicaa of the valley of the wind. The movie is neat but I like the heroine more. She’s definitely a good role model.

20. Saddest moment?  The saddest moment was from the movie Grave of the Fireflies. Where the two orphaned children Setsuko and Seita was dying because of starvation. I was crying my eyes out while watching the movie. I remember those kids in Africa dying cause of starvation. What I like most  in the movie was Sieta. He has done so much to keep his younger sister alive. He even tried to steal food from local farmers. His aunt is so cruel! The time where his sister got sick, it was due to malnutrition. I was crying at the end of the movie when Setsuko was hallucinating, sucking a marble thinking it was a fruit drops. It was a super sad movie.  T^T

21. Funniest moment? So far, the funniest moment was in the movie The Cat Returns. Cats are able to stand with just two legs, I find it amusing. Plus, the king is one comical character. haha!

22. Favorite Studio Ghibli cosplay?  

23. Studio Ghibli movies that you own? I don’t have one :P

24. If you had never seen any Studio Ghibli movies would your life be any different? I don’t think so. Studio Ghibli movies have different approached when it comes to animated films. It has unique stories and attention to details is totally amazing.  

25. Least favorite couple? Hmmm, maybe Nausicaa and Asbel. I dunno if this one counts, they’re not a couple or I was just wrong haha!

26. Favorite fan inspired couple? hummm, as much as I wanted to answer this one but I really have no idea.

27. Character you identify with most? I think that would be Howl and Sophie in  Howl’s Moving Castle. Since I’ve seen this movie many times.

28. Favorite Studio Ghibli short film? I haven’t seen one. 

29. What movie would you recommend to someone who has never seen a Studio Ghibli Film? I would recommend Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away!

30. What movie would you love to see a sequel for? Whisper of the Heart.


  1. Howl and Sophie..weeeee..can I be Sophie and quiet angel be Howl?..and we will both say owl love you hahaha..sissy we still use what you said on your post noh heheheheeeee..

    sus kadaming nawatch ng ateh..fan talaga..

    *and aha whose that special someone going home this December..weeeee..sissy is it your Mr.Vip?..hasus merry ang Christmas ni sissy kung ganun :) * I am so happy for you sissy..talaga smile ako oh ;)

  2. so that means i should change it to Howl love you....hmmmmm...can i omit the "oph" in the girl's name? That would be Howl loveS ___... shhhhhhh!!!...

    I've watched cosplay before, but i don't know who they are..hahaha..

  3. Hi ate Sie, of course you are Sophie and Howl is your quiet angel. weeeeeeeeeeeee.. so perfect for each other. Fan nga po talaga ako sa anime ate, hehe

    Yah, Mr. VIP will be home soon, hehe and I'm so happy. weeeeeeeee. Thank you ate, you made my day! muaah!

  4. @beanizer_05: haha! Pede run yun. Galing mo naman at naisip mu yun.weeee thumbs up! ehem, Sophie without "oph" waaaaaa, alam ko na haha! ankyut, bagay sa inyu yung characters sa favorite kung animated movie. weeeeeeeeee.. super galing.

    I wanna watch a cosplay, I've never been invited to a cosplay show. :(

  5. hahaha..howl loves sie..wehhhh hmp ayaw ko anime..gusto ko quiet angel ko loves sie hehehe..

    weeeee..merry ang christmas ni sissy..oh baka I do na sagot mo weeeee..pakita mo ring weeeeee..or invitation na ba sissy?? fast forward noh..wala po masaya lang ako sissy for you..masaya po ako ;)

    now I am missing someone..gudnyt sis napadaan po mwahhhhh ;) stay happy always..

  6. Hi Ate Sie, hehe, saya ko naman napadaan ka dito. hehe, weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. soon pa po yan haha! too young pa po, hehe, enjoy life muna hehe, muaah!

  7. i definitely agree with #20 Hotaru no Haka (i watch this a year ago)since its based a the semi-autobiographic novel of Akiyuki Nosaka (being the sole survivor of his clan), it has a tragic ending and to think that this is happening all around the world even today (dying of malnutrition, famine, yes in africa .etc ..and north korea, sometime ago i read an article that parents eat their children to survive). You also want to watch Barefoot Gen, same plot.

  8. @kororo_1990: really? Oh, parents eat their children?!? That was inhuman T^T

  9. Cosplayers number on 22. They're pretty famous aren't they? If I'm correct, they're from the Philippines?

  10. Hi Fadil,

    Uhmmm, I'm not really sure though. hehe

    Thanks for being here :)


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