Award from a Beautiful person

This post is pretty special since this person is my sister! Yes, she's my beautiful sister with a very big heart. This person is the one who made me appreciate the life that I have now. She's a good sister and very charming as always. Thank you sis for the thought, I don't know how to show my appreciation. You're in my prayers sis sie and wish nothing but happiness for you and your kids especially with your quiet angel. Just remember, I'm always here for you ate sie. I can't wait to see you. You're my sweetest ate.

I wanted to pass this award to the following blogs.

Most of all, this award is full of hearts yay.! Thanks a lot ate sie, you really have plenty of hearts and thanks for sharing the love around the blogging world. Love can make our world go round and I love pretty much the feeling. The feeling where people love and appreciate you for being you without doubts. Thanks ate sie, I will take care of this with all my butt, cause my butt is bigger than my heart. hehe. weeeeee. >.<

passing this awards to:

I found this one on the net, I wanna share this to you ate sie and to your quiet angel, it's a cute way of saying I love you to each other hehe.. this is really cute. *wink*

Owl love you forever :D 

showering some hearts <3

P.S Dear Ate Sie, I just wanted to let you know that I put the link on your site on my bloggers page under Inspired. Matagal ko nang nilagay yan jan, di ko matandaan when ate hehe.. ngayun ko lang ipapakita sayu. weeeeeeeee.. To see it more you can go visit here on my Bloggers Page. 


  1. Thank you so much sis kaw talaga..if I can only have a sis that would be you..thank you for your nice words..stay pretty for the wedding ha at wag stress hayaan next time ko naman hahaha..jokes malayo pa yun po hehehe..

    Sis I think you forget another one..the heart locket award oh yun oh kakapublish ko lang po..dali sama mo na lang :)

    *hugs mwahhhhh..always take care sis :)*

  2. Congratulations...!!!!! :) :)

  3. Hi ate sie: yay! merun pa pala, hehe, cge I will put it now.. thank u very much!! *kiss and hugs*

    Hello Madhulika,

    Congratulations too :)

  4. Congratulations! Lovely post to thanks an amazing and so sweet person. Well done.

  5. Congratulations!

    Wowl! That's a vewy sweet suggestion of saying i ♥ you to my hon..allow me to use it, alright? hehe!

  6. i just realize, pwede pa rin ba sabihin ang owl love you kahit hindi ksing laki ng owl ang mata namin? hehe

  7. @MarieHarmony: Thanks Marie, I was kinda confused about your blog cause of the language. Anyway no worries there's google translate :)

    @beanizer_05: hahaha! surely, that would be nice. Pede rin naman yun kahit hinde masyado malaki yung mata. Oh! *light bulb*, I have an idea you can use huge transparent sunglasses to make the eyes look bigger. haha! *wink* I will look for more pictures for the lovers out there..ehem**

    weeeeeeee love love love

  8. hahaha..wala lang sis natawa ako super kay..hay talaga naman po strikes anywhere..and he just texted me kanina..owl love you .. and lakas mo sissy hahaha..kasi oo nga tsinkit po eh oh..

    *gudnyt sissy mwahhh ♥☺♥

  9. @Sie: really? haha! an-sweet naman neya haha! galing naman weeeeeeeeeee..


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