done something stupid

Gah! I've done pretty stupid things today. As you can see I changed my house, my blogger-template-again. I've done something wrong on the html codes and the blogger post was GONE! All my posts were nowhere to be found! huhu. I don't know how to put it back; I started to worry but I kept my composure. 

uwaaaa, the problem was, after uploading the new template, I have 2 blog posts under the layout area. 

weeeee, I dunno how to delete it since I cannot delete it on the layout page. I'm so desperate to delete the other blog post, what I did was, I stupidly deleted it on the HTML codes and save the changes! To my horror, I saw my blog with no post. Whoa! I was thinking to start a new blog again, but how about all my post? Oh heavens, I was like:

what should I do?



I should fix this!!


I turned to my friend Google to look for a blog post html code but can't find anything. waaaaaa, I can't think of the right keyword cause I can't think very well. I felt anxious already. I should fix this. Then, I realized I have my Hungry Onion blog, I hurriedly checked the HTML codes and found the blogger post code. weeeeeee, I paste it on the HTML template but I have no idea where to place it on its proper place. I remember something so I went to Blogger Template Designer and found the Add CSS under Advanced Tab and paste the code.

And Vwala! haha

Everything went back to normal again. 

I learned my lesson well.



  1. Another guilty here!

    Lesson: Never mess with HTML, haha

  2. @charles: hahaha! Yah right, so stupid of me to mess with the html. weeeeeee..

  3. I am sure you must have learn something good from this.

  4. on your first sentence I was like..wait quiet angel is a genius on this thing..I will tell him about it later..for sure he can be of help..then I was laughing at those cute gif pix hahaha..kaw talaga made me worried kaloka ka..

    kasi don't you ever think again of changing any html codes..also your can really make your blog disappear and you sissy go wahhhhhh..

    hay good's ok..but at least you have learned something..when someone made that same mistake...weeeeeee..wonder ChaCha to the rescue hehehe :)

  5. The thing I never touch cause I know I will mess up for sure.........Happy to see everything is back to normal for you!!

  6. @♥●• İzdiher •●♥

    yah I was like I should never ever do this again, I hope I could remember this incident..weeeee, I have this short term memory XD Thanks for stopping by :)

    @Sie: Ate, huhu, tlaga namn kasi ang kulit ko. haha! wee, sorry ate, you worried much. hehe, don't worry na, I won't do this kind of dumb thing again :D

    Hi Marie, weeeeeeeeeee, yah I thought I was an expert of this thing but I stand corrected XD Thanks a lot for dropping by here :)

    I appreciate the comment pretty ladies *smile smile*

  7. haha..but looking at the brightER side-you look good in those graphics esp the last one! haha! ulitin mo kaya delete di na cha cha ittawag sayo- chicha ka na..yung nghahanap ng anak nya, sino nga ba yun? haha! peace!

  8. @beanizer_05: haha! Sisa you mean? hehe. tomo ba? weeeeeeeeeeeee. LOL*


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