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I was trying to look for the script of the Vagina Monologue: Say it! For the Comfort Women by Eve Ensler, which is about sexual violence among women.

We have performed this monologue during the 5th Anniversary of the company. Though, it was my first time to perform a monologue and was my first time also to encounter such a heavy story. At first, I couldn't believe that this happened long ago during the Japanese war, I guess. Eve Ensler has plenty of vagina monologues which is of course relates to vagina, but the piece that she wrote is that a vagina is a tool for female empowerment.  Since, I couldn't find the script, here's the video performed by the student of Hampshire College.

The monologue brought sadness to my heart. I never thought that this monologue was a heavy one. I almost cried when I first read it. Of course, I didn't want to cry in-front of my colleagues that time, hehe. It was heavy for me, violence against women.We women should remember and celebrate VDAY, until the violence stops.


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  2. This is very powerful and so sad, very heavy. I understand how you could have felt reading it the first time. Thank you for sharing for we ought to remember these women who suffer and the ones who are still suffering, abused and treated like nothing.
    I might link it to my blog if you are ok with it. Stay well Chacha.

  3. This has been a real issue for those comfort women who have been fighting for their rights since the Japanese time..this is actually not only their fight but also for all of us women now..we should never tolerate anyone to abuse us..every women should learn to fight for their rights..not to give anyone a chance to hurt or trample on us..I hope the Japanese government will listen finally to their has already been decades these women are asking for justice..thank you for sharing sissy ;)

  4. @MarieHarmony: Surely Marie, you can place the link on your blog, in that way many women would be aware too. Thank you so much for the thoughts.

    @Sie: Hi pretty sissy, many women now are afraid of doing something right for themselves. I hope they would find that courage to stand up now. I was thinking about it too, I guess the Japanese heard their cry. I was just sad about those women, they've been through a lot, it was traumatic experience that they will carry throughout their life.

  5. SAY IT
    For The ìComfort Womenî
    Our stories only exist inside our heads
    Inside our ravaged bodies
    Inside a time and space of war
    And emptiness
    There is no paper trail
    Nothing official on the books
    Only conscience
    Only this.
    What we were promised:
    That I would save my father if I went with them
    That I would find a job That I would serve the country
    That they would kill me if I didnít go
    That it was better there
    What we found:
    No mountains
    No trees
    No water
    Yellow sand
    A desert
    A warehouse full of tears
    Thousands of worried girls
    My braid cut against my will
    No time to wear panties
    What we were forced to do:
    Change our names
    Wear one piece dresses with
    A button that opened easily
    50 Japanese soldiers a day
    Sometimes there would be a ship of them
    Strange barbaric things
    Do it even when we bleed
    Do it young before we started bleeding
    There were so many
    Some wouldnít take off their clothes
    Just took out their penis
    So many men I couldnít walk
    I couldnít stretch my legs
    I couldnít bend
    I couldnít .
    What they did to us over and over:
    Tore bloody inside out
    What we saw:
    A girl drinking chemicals in the bathroom
    A girl killed by a bomb
    A girl beaten with a rifle over and over
    A girl running head first into a wall
    A girlís malnourished body dumped in the river
    To drown.

    What we werenít allowed to do:
    Wash ourselves Move around
    Go to the doctor
    Use a condom
    Run away
    Keep my baby
    Ask him to stop.

    What we caught:
    Heart disease
    Nervous breakdowns
    What we were fed:
    Miso soup
    Turnip pickle
    Miso Soup
    Turnip Pickle
    Rice Rice Rice
    What we became:
    What we were left with:
    A shocked father who never recovered
    And died.
    No wages
    Hatred of Men
    No children
    No house
    A space where a uterus once was
    Shame What we got called:
    Ianfu-Comfort Women
    Shugyofu-Women Of Indecent Occupation
    What we felt:
    My chest still trembles
    What got taken:
    The springtime
    My life
    What we are:
    Outside the Japanese Embassy every Wednesday
    No longer afraid

    What we want:
    Now soon
    Before weíre gone
    And our stories leave this world,
    Leave our heads

    Japanese government
    Say it
    We are sorry, Comfort Women
    Say it to me
    We are sorry to me
    We are sorry to me
    To me
    To me
    To me
    Say it.
    Say sorry
    Say we are sorry
    Say Me
    See Me
    Say it
    [Based on The Testimonies of The Comfort Women]


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