what is carpal tunnel

carpal tunnel or carpal canal is the passageway on the palmar side of the wrist that connects the forearm to the middle compartment of the deep plane of the palm.  source

I was searching about what is carpal tunnel syndrome cause I have this numbness on my fingers due to typing for long hours. I've heard this syndrome from friends and colleagues. So, I'm just curious about this carpal tunnel syndrome and decided to search it on youtube. Kindly see the video below for the clear explanation about carpal tunnel. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated through regular massage therapy treatments, chiropractic and carpal tunnel release surgery. One of the symptom was the irregular numbness of the thumb, index,long and ring finger. 
Here's another helpful video about symptoms and exercise for treatment and prevention.  

I'm going to take note of this symptoms since prevention is better than cure.


  1. I had it too when I was a bank teller sissy..don't wash your hands when it is tired..and drink vitamins I'm not sure kung B1 or 12..hay your so busy and hala yes stressed lately after a canker sore now naman numbness..take care always sissy ha..your still young ok ;)

  2. Chacha, thought you were playing up with my mind as it is what we learnt last week during my anatomy and physiology course.
    Massage is very good but sometimes if it's too severe, surgery is needed.
    It seems that there are exercises you can do and self-massage, so you relax you hand and wrist before a new activity.
    Did have it one time and had to rest my hand for 1 month. Quite long really!!!

    Have a good day!

  3. @Sie: Yes ate, will take care of myself na po. hehe.. And I'm taking vitamins narin. My sore I think is at the stage of healing kasi di na sya masakit. hehe. *wink*

    @Marie: Yay! I hope I'm not playing with your mind.hehe. Yes, sometimes I forgot to rest cause of workloads. I want to have a massage and relax for a bit, i think that's what I needed to do. A month is quite long already, I really have to take good care of my precious hands now. Thank you so much Marie for being here. take care and have a great day ahead of you. :)

  4. Once when I was in the third or so grade they had this specialist at my school come in and teach me how to write all over again! It was quite annyoing at the time, but the point was to prevent me from getting CTS later in life, because I was already showing signs of it due to the way I held my pencil.

  5. Hi Devin! i'm so happy you're here *big grin*

    I always love your thoughts on your blog. Yay! it turned out to be good and help you to prevent CTS. See you around dev :D


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