Have a Happy New Year!


Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear
Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
how do you measure, measure a year?

Seasons of Love ~ RENT
Sooner my five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes will be over.  I am about to face another year, another challenge to face and another mountain to climb.  The days had gone by so fast, this year has been, hmm dunno I don’t want to label it as heartbreaking but it is. Although tragic and sadness filled my heart this year, I am thankful that I am still alive and kicking; blessed with everything.  I have a lot of good memories this year and a lot of first times too; the places I've visited, the contest I joined and crazy adventures. 

For the last three days, I successfully detached myself to the web world. I decided to travel, to my hometown to visit the grannies. I missed my place, the air, the sunset, the sea and the people. I missed everything and how I wished I stayed longer.  I had a good and gentle rest, and truly enjoyed my short visit.  For me, those are precious times. I needed those moments of silence and serenity.  I am glad I have followed you oh dear self.

I don’t want to write New Year resolutions; I know I’ll end up in disappointment.  Instead of writing those resolutions, I will write little goals for the coming year and will take it one baby step at a time. I want to be more productive this coming year, but I don’t want to deal with major changes for I know, I have to practice self-control and use my willpower to its fullest potential, you know how hard is that, right?  I’m not really that pretty good in ignoring my desires and unhealthy impulses as of the moment. I am, however, a little frustrated of myself lately.

I hated to think that I am trapped with the body of a young lady with a sixty year old mind. Well, I am, you know have difficulties in recalling things, mother earth scolded me every time I forgot where I place my things  and I worry a lot if I can’t remember them. I should try to practice the habit of mind relaxation. Hehe. 

Yay! 2012 is coming; no one really knows what is up for us this coming year but I hope people learned something this year, I hope so.  The mistakes and pains are spices of life, they say. Let us welcome another year with high spirits! And measure the life in love. Have a bountiful New Year to all!

This one is really kawaii Zooey and Joseph *big wide grin*


  1. hehehe..same here sissy..let us all hope for the best sissy and it is my year..dragon ako eheeeee..love you pretty sissy and happy new year in advance ;) *hugs hugs* ;)

  2. Thanks sissy! happy new year to you. WOW! it's a happy year of the dragon pretty sissy, hehe.. *kiss and hugs*


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