Little miss invisible

A girl who sits alone in a room full of people. No one ever saw her, even care to approach her. I know she smiles but deep inside she's hiding something. A crowd wouldn't even notice her presence. She even pretend that she's busy, though deep inside she wanted to cry.  

I experienced being miss invisible when I was a kid. Tell me, who wants to be alone? I wanted to have friends but they didn't even notice a kid like me. I started to asked myself, what's wrong with me?! But I couldn't figure out what was the problem, I was just a kid though. I tried so hard to fit in but nobody wants to be with me. I was bullied and I cried every-time until to the point that I don't want to go to school but of course my mother forced me to go to school hehe, I didn't told her that I was bullied at school. I started to approached them but they said they don't like me, they said I was ugly.Duh?Big deal?But as a kid, I felt so sad. Just because of my physical appearance they don't want to be friends with me.  
I would eat alone.I just watched my classmates at the distance happily running and playing around with other kids. I was a loner when I was a kid. It started to change when I was in Grade 2. It was hard to be left alone cause everybody thinks that you are different. 

PS: Inspired by Marie Digby's song Miss invisible.


  1. you are not different sissy..I have been there hehehe..when I was a child I am alone locked inside our house with no one else to play with..prohibited to play even with my cousins..and ok I know quiet angel also laughs when I tell him this..

    my classmates would often laugh at me..I was so thin and pale white..they would often call me "Kalansay" ok translate-skeleton girl huhuhu..I have experienced someone spitting on me..but I remained silent..

    as what my hon made me realize sissy..look at yourself now..what is important is you learn to value one else can make you feel so low but yourself.

    for me sissy..they don't like me oh well nothing is wrong with then let it be..I too experience it until now..I have been looked down upon by my relatives..grrrrrrr..they always say..your quiet angel said..he loves you but has he seen you..why I am pretty naman ah duh hahaha..ouch an ouch di ba..

    smile sissy..I am your friend I'll always be your ateh ok ;) *hugs hugs*

  2. It was really a sad experience ate sie. Why is it that all the sad experiences in our lives we remembered the most?hehe.. Really? but still being white noon is pretty. hehe.. I don't have the white complexion when I was a kid, I am a negra haha! that maybe the reason why they don't want me as a friend.

    I totally agree with this: what is important is you learn to value one else can make you feel so low but yourself.

    We have the power to change our point of view in ourself. We have to love ourself no matter what other may say. hehe

    weeeeeee wag mu pansinin sila hehe.. kainis talag kapag ganyan ate..nako awayin ko talaga hahaha! As long as your quiet angel loves you with all his heart,soul and body, that's what matters. hehe.. Pretty mo kaya ate, insecure lang sila..weeeeeeeeeeeeeee haha! Beauty is in the eye of your quiet angel. weeeeeeee.. love you ate.. kisses and hugsssssssssss****

  3. Welcome to the team! I know I am smiling about it now but at the time it was painful.
    I was bullied at school too, always alone, people laughing at my clothes and even teachers saying nothing. My clothes were ripped and I was there saying nothing, leaving people playing and insulting me.
    But looking at it now I am thankful, they taught me you don't have to be like everybody else. You can have your own thoughts and ideas, you can follow your own path. You don't have to follow the crowd, it's not always easy but at least you are living the life you were born to live.

    I have to say even today it is not always easy, but I am ok with it. And I keep going with the people who love and appreciate me. The rest does not matter!!
    Take care Chacha and remember we are all here for you sweet friend. XXXXXX

  4. Hey,
    ur not the only one who was a loner. I was this girl on the bench all the time, reading a book, watching others happily play. =] But I think thats special... Nice post. I'll try visit ur blog more often =D

  5. Hi Marie! It was so good to see you here again :)
    Yay! You've treated too harsh than mine, I'm sorry to hear that :(

    I totally agree that it is not necessary to always follow a crowd. You have to be with the people who sincerely appreciates you as a person. Thanks Marie and you take care too, kay? I know that you'll always be there just like sissy... Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sooooooooo mucccccccch! *muaaah*

  6. Hello Black Pearl, thanks a lot for the visit, I truly appreciate sharing your thoughts. I guess we have our own stories to tell about our past experiences. I hope to see you around :)

  7. Hello Black Pearl, thanks a lot for the visit, I truly appreciate sharing your thoughts. I guess we have our own stories to tell about our past experiences. I hope to see you around :)

  8. what my hon said last night we all met here..Marie is right welcome to our team..we are survivors and we are different..we are special..don't mind them will always depend on how we see ourselves through our own eyes ;)

  9. hihi..
    i know someone with *somehow* the same story, yun oh! *pointed lips* hihi, and she made kwento2 na but i guess she missed to tell you her other stories, secret nlng baka mgblush xa eh.

    Anyways,, let's see..i have the same experience too during my nursery, a duling girl hit me, and I didn't fight back, iyak na lng ako sa doorsteps namin. hmp!
    Another one in my kindergarten, a bad boy scare me, he said 'there's a ghost in the rum' and locked me inside! I cried ofcourse!, The priest even told my parents I was not ready for school 'coz i don't want to attend class..then one time my teacher hold my hand forcing me to get inside, i bit her! Hmp! Then I was brought to the principal, they asked me, I said I'm hungry! wahaha! and they toured me around their place, gave me big muffins! yehaaaaaa!!

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  11. @beanizer_05: waaaaaaaaa yah,she's sharing now and I love to hear stories from other people, somehow I'll learned a lesson out of it ^^ Naku! wag nalang baka awayin ka nun haha!

    waaaaaaaaaaaaa haha, hala kakaibang gurl yun ha, ang siga! wahahahah.. Syempre lahat ng bata takot sa multo, weeeee ate at kuya ko lang ang may lakas ng loob na takutin ako weeeeeeeeeee.. at buti naman hindi mo kinain kamay ng teacher mo. hahahaha! waaaaaaaa tuso karin, buti binigyan ka nung muffin. hehe.. feel ko hindi ka masyadong malungkot sa experience mung yun haha! peace po*

    Thank you po ng maraming sa pagbisita ^^

  12. uy nlungkot ako dun ah..they only gave me muffins without drinks! damot nila. hmp!

  13. @Ate Sie: hahaha! welcome to our team talaga. weeeeeee it's nice to be feel I'm not alone ^^ Yes, I believe that we are special. Those kids who treated me bad long ago are my friends now. I'm happy with that :)

  14. @beanizer_05: hahahaha! damot nga, kasi nga walang drinks. hehe, di naman na-awa sa bata..naman oh.


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