He is Back!

Yes, he's back! Yay! We have a lot of catching up to do. Anyway, these past few days, I am super happy, well, it is a happiness more than I could imagine it would be. He is actually gotten quite pretty big (physically) than the last time I saw him, but the way I see his physical transformation, it was kind of sexy lol. He stayed 3 nights here at home and I am so glad he did. 

We talked a lot of things and we just enjoy each others little fights lol, I tried to annoy him but all my efforts were to no avail haha! He is such a gentleman and I am very happy that he's here now. Thank you dearest Father for taking care of him and for guiding him always. I can tell that he is more matured now than the last time and it was an improvement, kudos to my love. I know he will be more than what I expect from him. Thanks my dear for all the pasalubong, it was really too much.

After all we've been through, all of it was worth it. I know it was hard for the both of us but I dunno I'm glad we've endured all the hardships.  You have no idea how lucky I am to have you in my life now dear. I love it you brought Nutella with you hehe.Thank you so much!!! mwaaaaah!

kinilig hahahaha


  1. hahaha..kinilig talaga hahaha..weeeeeeeeeeeee..inggit ako inggit ako..yun lang po bow..

    I am so happy for you sissy..*wink* ;)

  2. @Sie: weeeeeeeeeeeeeee yes, kinilig talaga tsaka shocking to the ribs. hehe, don't worry sissy I know q.a wants to see you badly na, soonest. Just you wait and see he will surprise you *wink wink*

  3. hahaha! sa Nutella mas na excite...?
    wheeeeeeeeh! super happy for you Cha and ur labeedubz.. ♥
    keep the love burning..and the faith intact.

  4. @Seifatima: wahahahahahah! na excite sa nutella. Thank you wafa. We'll keep it burning hehe.. xxoo


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