The Help

Courage isn't just about being brave. Courage is daring to do what is right in spite of the weakness of our flesh.  The Help


The Help is a one great movie I have seen so far this year. I didn’t expect it was that good. I love Emma Stone, no question about it.  This film was based on a bestselling book by Kathryn Stockett.  It was a story about black/white relationship in Mississippi and a story about civil rights and racism. I haven’t read the book which I am planning to do since I’m done reading Jane Austen’s Persuasion just on time. 

Skeeter is one educated young woman, she has passion in writing, and she wanted to be a writer. One day she decided to write a book about the point of view of the help. The black maids are called Help. Anyway, you see I like her character here, she is one gutsy woman. I kind of loved her character. She knows exactly what she wanted and she directs here life towards it even if she might get failed. She would do everything even if it means risking her relationship with her mom and friends.  

She has difficulties in interviewing some black maids since you know they are afraid they might get caught and be in prison because of it. There’s a law and everybody was aware about it. These black women are voiceless for some time until one day they decided to help Skeeter. 

The first black woman Skeeter had interviewed was Aibileen. Aibileen has a bestfriend named Minny. So Aibileen here decided to help Skeeter then eventually she communicates it with her bestfriend Minny. At first Minny was kind of reluctant but she eventually gave in. 

I liked the way the movie was delivered, the actresses, cinematography, the cute dresses they have, it was lovely! The movie will make you laugh and cry, that’s for sure, weeee I have tears in my eyes at the last part lol. One good movie I would recommend to anyone, rated five stars.*wink*


  1. Courage is doing what is right..I agree sis and courage steps in when you have the courage to do what is right even if the odds are against you..standing for your principles amidst the crowd..

    Nice post sis and I'll include this on my list..passing by sissy gudnyt ;) *hugs* ;)

  2. I loved it too, the best movie I saw after a long time. The story was well played and very moving.
    I would like to read the book!!

  3. Hi Ate Sie, Thanks for being here as always. I appreciate it much.muaah! That's so true sissy. I wish I have that courage. hmmm, weeeeee hmmmm, someday. muaaaaaah!

  4. @Marie: Hi there, I am glad you have seen it already. It was the best and I agree with you. It was indeed moving and beautiful. I love to read the book too *wink* Thanks for being here Marie :)


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