The Bourne Legacy


Finally, I watched the movie The Bourne Legacy yesterday. I had fun watching the Manila scene. The motorcycle chasing scene was awesome.astig!! IMBA talaga. hehe. Anyway, I don't like the ending though, nabitin ako kasi eh. I wasn't expecting anything from the movie and it wasn't a prequel of the Bourne series movie. It was the other side of the story about the organization. If you didn't know the story of the Bourne Series, the Jason Bourne one then you can't understand this one. I would suggest you watch the Jason Bourne series first.

Both characters portrayed well in the movie and I love Rachel's character in the movie. She was just an ordinary doctor and she doesn't know everything except that she was there to work for the Science. Then all of the sudden someone was trying to kill her, that's a shock, right? Hindi pa ata sya naka recover when one of her co-worker killed all the doctors except her then here comes the pretending "good ones" yun pala eh they're agents who will kill her. Jeremy knows better especially the action part scene, but I like Jason Bourne more. hehe

Anyway one of the best scenes in the movie was captured in Manila, Philippines, as a Filipino that make me proud of my country. Sino namang hinde noh. Funny lang to watch, but incredible yung feeling. Manila scene in Hollywood, that's a WOW! 

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