Change your Fate

“Fate be changed, look inside. Mend the bond torn by pride.”

I love this movie so far however the plot is not that catchy and I must say just an ordinary story. The movie is really entertaining, the characters and their comical side. The accent of course is really cute. I can't wait to hear an Irish speaks in person, they have lovely accent. The movie soundtrack and the characters are perfectly combined. The most funny characters here for me is Merida's father and the cute little boys. I love Merida's locks so much haha! I can't have that kind of hair here in our country though, not suitable for a sunny weather. 

A princess, she is! But she doesn't act like one. Her lovely Mother (the Queen) wants her to act like a princess, to speak like a princess and think like a princess with poise and all. Merida is not just irritated but also annoyed and full of everything. She wants freedom, to do what she wanted but she can't because of rules. Anyway she's so stubborn that's why she has to face the consequences of her actions. 


  1. wanna watch this one chang! I'll dl tomorrow. haha. Nice review :) Yah murag igang jd ya hair ug sanina haha

  2. Brave, I believe has really a nice touch to its story! My nieces and nephew loved it, and so did I!

    Anyway, I also like to let you know that I am honored to give you the Laine Blogger award. Check out my post here to formally accept it!

  3. hi shenani..weeeeeeee you should since its really fun.

  4. Hellow Caroline..weeeeeee really?wow!! Thank you so much for the award! i wasn't expecting a lot of awards this year haha! thank you so much much..

    My nephew loves it too, he would say "again,again" hehe, he wants to watch the movie all over again.


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