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Last week I remember to write on my blog however I forgot. I have a lot on my plate, a lot of things to do, those things that I really have to do. It’s not that I’m slacking off but those things are my priorities. My mind is occupied lately and my boyfriend would told me to relax and not to stress myself out, good thing I have a reminder buddy lol. He’s my best friend and truly appreciates all his efforts just to make feel comfortable and happy. He is my clown; he loves to make me smile always. He is sometimes my massage therapist, hehe. But now, I try my best not to worry too much, the mantra really helps me, thanks to Yhadz.

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I’ve been busy with a lot of things, managing my expenses and learning to invest. I want to invest at an early age because I want to retire early with no worries. Haha! I’ve read Bo Sanchez article How to Know If Your Dreams are God’s dream. You can get a free e-book if you subscribed to his site as a reader. It was wonderful and I can’t forget these two questions Passion and Potential: What do you enjoy doing? And what do you do well? These two questions keep lingering on my mind; I was seeking for an answer. The article is discovering your inner core gifts and passion that will lead you to your life’s purpose. 

I know inside me I have it, maybe I just couldn’t find it or I knew it already but I’m just blinded with negative ions. I don’t want to rush of course, I want to take my time and I would let God show me the way to it. Now, I’m a fan of Bo, I found all his article inspirational and amazing. 

He also has financial articles which are great. I have to take actions now, I don’t want to dilly-dally things. I have to make a decision so that the world will conspire with me. This time I have to pull my own bootstraps. Now, I am dreaming big not just for myself but this is also for my family. God Bless and Guide Me. 


  1. Von Voyage! I mean good luck! To both of us. hahaha. ;) We never stop we just keep on moving on :) yeaaaah!

  2. haha!I like Von Voyage..weeeee Keep Moving Forward! oh yih!!hehe


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