Oral Health Evaluator

 I have nothing else to do so I took the Oral Health Evaluator in WEBMD and below is the result. hehe

All things considered, you have a moderate risk of developing cavities in the near future. (happy LOL) The one or two cavities you had in the past few years puts you at risk for having more cavities down the road. In addition, you also report having at least one other risk factor for cavities. 

Cavities are not just a kid's problem. Anyone who has teeth can get a cavity. 

Dental experts have found that the most important predictor of cavities is having had cavities in the past. But, other factors can also increase a person's risk of tooth decay. 
Many of these risks are within one's control, such as practicing good oral hygiene, avoiding foods that are prone to cause cavities, and seeing a dentist regularly for checkups. 
 Even if you are taking steps to avoid cavities, you may want to review all your risk factors with your dentist to see if you can identify additional strategies or tactics that may help lower your risk of tooth decay.  
Unfortunately, one thing you cannot do is change the bacteria in your mouth. Everyone has bacteria in their mouth, but some people are at higher risk for cavities simply because of the bacteria, and some types of bacteria are more likely to lead to the formation of cavities.  
Since you have had one or two cavities in the past few years, the bacteria responsible are probably still in your mouth and increasing your risk of a cavity in the future.  
This means you need to be extra persistent in making sure that you keep the bacteria in your mouth under control and that you take precautions to protect your teeth.  
Reviewing your oral hygiene routine and other habits with your dentist may reveal an opportunity to bolster your fight against cavities.  
Continue reading your personalized report to learn more about your cavity risk factor and for next steps that can help you improve your dental health.

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